• What is Coccidiosis?

    Coccidiosis is a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract of animals caused by coccidian protozoa. These protozoan parasites are host-specific, and many species occupy a specific segment of the intestinal tract.

  • How does it start?

    Coccidiosis is caused by a microscopic parasite called coccidia that is transmitted via the droppings from infected birds. In other words, anywhere there's a microscopic trace of bird poop—in a waterer, a feeder, or in bedding—there's almost certainly coccidia present. The disease spreads from one animal to another by contact with infected feces or ingestion of infected tissue.

  • What are the symptoms?

    The main symptom of coccidiosis is diarrhea. Some other symptoms include lethargy, loss of appetite, weight loss and lack of growth. Most animals infected with coccidia are asymptomatic, but young or immunocompromised animals may suffer severe symptoms and death.

  • What happens without treatment?

    Fortunately, coccidiosis can be resolved with the proper treatment; however, if not properly treated, it can lead to death.

Common signs of coccidiosis

  • Droopiness and depression

  • Pale comb

  • Water, mucous and blood in the droppings

  •  Loss of appetite

  • Loss of condition

  • Ruffled feathers

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