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"As someone who has lived and worked on a farm for my entire life, I can say that Coccidia has always been an issue, not only because of the harm it brings to our animals but also because of the inconvenience it has always been to find the appropriate medicine. Thanks to Total Toltrazuril it will no longer be an issue"
Sarah Jones, Heath TX

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Product Information:

Toltrazuril is the result of extensive research efforts to help treat EPM (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis), which causes a multitude of effects that manifest in a variety of symptoms. Our solution represents a new standard in coccidiosis control. Our solution affects all intracellular structures of the one-celled protozoan parasite called Sarcocystis neurona. Toltrazuril is highly effective and has demonstrated the following benefits:

  • Prevents and reduces the severity of lesions;
  • Stops oocist shedding;
  • Improves growth rate;
  • Improves feed conversion.

How it works:

Our Toltrazuril solution is suitable for both therapy and metaphylaxis, and acts as an effective tool for controlling coccidia-related problems. Findings from studies suggest this drug interferes with the division of the nucleus and the activity of mitochondria, which is responsible for respiratory metabolism in the parasite. Toltrazuril does not interfere with immune development, and usually does not require follow-up treatment, even in advanced infections (after three to five days). However, the efficacy of the drug is independent from the severity of the infection.

Toltrazuril has a unique mode of action and there is no reason to be concerned with an adverse reaction or a drug-drug reaction. As Toltrazuril only has activity against protozoa, there is no effect on upset of intestinal flora and the formulation is very well tolerated. To be soluble in water, the product undiluted is very alkaline, pH 11.4. Direct oral dosing of the undiluted product is very irritating to mucous membranes and will cause immediate vomiting. Make sure you are using the correct formulation.


In a published study, a single dose of Toltrazuril cured coccidiosis in puppies, as long as adequate environmental cleanup is performed. However, it is recommended to repeat the treatment weekly for a couple of weeks. It is CRITICAL to clean the environment to rid it of coccidia.

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