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  • Product Information

    Toltrazuril is the result of extensive research efforts to help treat EPM (equine protozoal myeloencephalitis) & Coccidiosis. Toltrazuril can be used as both a preventative and a treatment for disease.

  • How it works

    Findings from studies suggest this drug interferes with the division of the nucleus and the activity of mitochondria, which is responsible for respiratory metabolism in the parasite. Toltrazuril does not interfere with immune development, and usually does not require follow-up treatment, even in advanced infections (after three to five days). However, the efficacy of the drug is independent from the severity of the infection. Toltrazuril has a unique mode of action and there is no reason to be concerned with an adverse reaction or a drug-drug reaction. As Toltrazuril only has activity against protozoa, there is no effect on upset of intestinal flora and the formulation is very well tolerated. To be soluble in water, the product undiluted is very alkaline, pH 11.4.

  • Usage

    It is recommended to repeat the treatment weekly for a couple of weeks. It is CRITICAL to clean the environment to rid it of coccidia.

about total toltrazuril

  • coccidiosis prevention & treatment

  • Equine protozoal myeloencephalitis (EPM) prevention & treatment

  • oral medication for animal use only

  • Active Ingredient: toltrazuril 5%

  • Available in 3 sizes

  • for animal use only

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  • Combats Coccidia

    Keep your animals safe from Coccidiosis!

  • Safe for Use

    No reported cases of this product ever harming or killing an animal

  • Eliminates EPM

    Keep your horses healthy!

  • Veteran owned and operated

    On behalf of Total Toltrazuril, we like to thank all of the brave servicemen and servicewomen in the United States Military, and will always keep you in our prayers for your safe return. For those of you who have served and are back, thank you for the time you have dedicated and sacrificed for our great country!

  • Consult Your Veterinarian Before Use

    Before using this product, obtain a veterinary diagnosis for Coccidiosis or EPM in animals.